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    About Us


Maplewood Psychology is a multi-disciplinary group of experienced clinicians providing quality mental health services to the community since 1984. We have joined together to combine our areas of expertise in a caring and supportive environment. Our treatment philosophies may vary, but our intention is to focus on the individual, couple, or family with a view that encompasses the whole: body, mind, emotions, behavior, and spirit. We share a common enthusiasm as change agents who assist clients in their work to restore functioning, health and well-being.


For more information, please call 651.770.1311.





Dr. Kelly is a Licensed Psychologist and Licensed Professional Counselor with 23 years of experience treating children, adolescents, and young adults.

Dr. Kelly has worked in a variety of mental health settings and with a variety of levels of care including residential treatment for children, inpatient treatment for children and adults, and outpatient treatment for children, adolescents, and adults. He also holds a Master's Degree in Educational Psychology. He has worked in a variety of classroom settings for children with special needs, particularly those on the autism spectrum.

Dr. Kelly began his professional work in psychology as a Milieu Counselor for autistic children and has worked with this population in a variety of roles since 1986. He has additional extensive experience working with parents, teachers, school settings, and juvenile probation officers. Utilizing cognitive-behavioral therapy, Dr. Kelly has experience working with adolescents and adults with sexual behavior or offending problems. Other therapeutic techniques include insight-oriented supportive therapy and play therapy.

Dr. Kelly also performs assessment and evaluation for children, adolescents, and young adults for a variety of mental conditions or concerns.


Dr. Wick is a Licensed Psychologist. She specializes in working with adults and provides individual and relational therapy. Dr. Wick's practice focuses on treatment of depression, anxiety, panic and stress disorders, chronic illness, restoration of functioning, grief and loss, marital and relational issues, career and workplace issues, job stress and organizational change.

Dr. Wick is a nationally certified master practitioner in integrative behavioral medicine/health psychology. She utilizes evidence-based mind/body strategies such as lifestyle assessment, nutrition, exercise, and proven modalities to restore health and well-being. Dr. Wick's therapeutic approach incorporates Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). She believes that counseling/coaching is a collaborative process. Based on the individual's needs, we develop customized solutions using both traditional and integrative evidence-based solutions. Dr. Wick views people as capable of change and offers a relationship of acceptance, safety and empowerment. She is also an Internationally Certified Life/Health Coach. She has past experience in chemical dependency treatment, aftercare and program management. She has extensive organization and management consultation experience with several corporations

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Sharla is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) who enjoys working with youth, adults, and all types of family systems to improve communication, reduce mental health symptoms, and to cope with various life challenges so you can be the best YOU. Sharla is experienced in helping clients work through issues related to grief & loss, self- esteem, sexual health for youth, postpartum mental health, anxiety/depression, panic disorder, and developmental disabilities.

Sharla works from a person centered, strength based, non-judgmental framework and believes that every person is the expert in their own life. Through holding hope, encouraging expression, building a sense of belonging, and allowing people to make informed decisions for themselves, Sharla believes we can authentically and unapologetically be who we are, and she will help clients make steps towards positive change.

Sharla recently worked at a culturally specific agency for Native American chronically unhoused youth, providing youth and family therapy and supervising the Children’s Mental Health Unit and the Suicide Prevention program. Prior to that she worked as a Children’s mental health case manager at a Day Treatment and Habilitation Center for adults with developmental disabilities.


Dr. Eich is a Licensed Psychologist who works with individuals aged 10 and older. She is experienced helping people with a wide variety of mental health concerns including: depression, anxiety, panic, anger, post-traumatic stress, work problems, fears in social situations, grief and loss, relationship problems, body image issues, difficulty coping with stress, GLBT issues, personality disorders, and safety concerns.

Dr. Eich has experience working in hospitals, schools, private practice and community mental health settings. Dr. Eich believes growth and change begin when her clients feel safe and know they have a therapist they can trust. Dr. Eich is genuine and brings her full attention, insights, and self to sessions. She listens actively and is non-judgmental. In their work together, Dr. Eich’s clients say they feel unconditionally accepted while also feeling challenged to grow.

Dr. Eich has an expertise in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and helps individuals learn DBT skills to improve emotions, manage stress, better relationships and increase self-awareness. She has provided DBT services for the better part of a decade and has developed, facilitated, and coordinated DBT programming for adolescents and parents.  Dr. Eich is the author of “Dialectical Therapy Skills Training with Adolescents: A Practical Workbook for Therapists, Teens and Parents.”

Dr. Eich has a special interest in maternal mental health and enjoys working with women on improving mental health during pregnancy and motherhood. Dr. Eich can help women cope with depression and anxiety during pregnancy and postpartum. She can also help women and their partners cope with pregnancy and infant loss.  Dr. Eich will collaborate with physicians to ensure holistic care and welcomes mothers to bring their baby to session.

Dr. Eich’s therapeutic approach incorporates mindfulness, Person-Centered and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. She helps clients to validate and accept themselves and to identify and change thoughts and behaviors that contribute to mental health concerns. She believes in a collaborative approach and works with her clients to build on their strengths and achieve their goals.


Jo McBride is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She enjoys working with adults, couples, and families to address symptoms of mental health, as well as, issues with communication, conflicts, and relationship challenges. Jo uses a philosophy of building on client's strengths and use of mental health education to support positive changes. She builds a sincere trust with her clients and provides a customized plan to restoring the health and wellness of the person and relationships.

Jo recently worked in a partial hospitalization program and treated adults and adolescents with severe symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress. In that setting, she provided group therapy, education, family therapy, and skills training to improve daily functioning and help clients return to work or school. Jo was instrumental in developing the program's education materials, which incorporated Dialectic Behavior Therapy (DBT) skills and other cognitive behavioral therapies. She uses these evidence-based techniques to guide clients through mindful self-awareness, acceptance, and emotional management.

She also has experience treating children for mental health and behavior concerns. Jo believes collaboration with the child's parent or guardian, school, and other services is key to their success. She develops a team approach to the child's therapy, personal work and growth, and recognition of their progress.

Jo McBride is a Clinical Affiliate with the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapists. She has also served as a site supervisor for post-graduates seeking a therapy licensure.


Ryan is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) and a licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LADC). He enjoys working with adolescents and adults. Specifically, working through significant life events that begin to hinder everyday life through building and utilizing coping skills. Ryan is experienced helping individuals work towards their goals with a variety of concerns including depression, anxiety, anger, post-traumatic stress, substance use, work problems, social fears situations, grief and loss, relationship problems, and LGBTQ issues. Ryan works from an energetic, compassionate, person-centered, and trauma focused therapeutic approach. Ryan is trained in Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) as a modality for processing trauma and has had success with patients utilizing this practice.

Ryan attended Hamilton University for his undergraduate degree and Hazelden Graduate School, where he received his Master of Arts in Clinical Counseling. From there, he spent time building a skillset with diverse populations and mastering his therapeutic approach.

For self-care, Ryan enjoys spending time with his family, walking their two dogs, and bicycling.


Dr. Tom Skovholt enjoys his work as a therapist and counselor. During his many years in professional psychology he has developed a variety of methods to address issues that are so distressing for individuals. Some of the distressing issues involve high levels of anxiety, depression that makes it hard to function well, anger that can quickly boil up, conflict with an intimate partner that leaves a person lonely and very hurt as well as work stress and work / life balance. His therapy /counseling / consulting methods integrate a focus on emotions, thinking styles and behavior change. Dr. Skovholt likes to work with individuals from young adults to senior adults.

Dr. Skovholt is a Licensed Psychologist and Board Certified in Counseling Psychology. He is Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota. Many of his former students are now practitioners in the Twin Cities and other places in the country. Tom's honors include Fellow of APA, Fulbright Lecturer, UMN Distinguished Teaching Award, and the Cosse Award in Professional Psychology.

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Dr. Wojcik offers therapy with individuals, treating anxiety, depression, parenting and relationship concerns. Other special interests include chronic illness and work with the elderly and their families. He is especially interested in quality improvement, and assessing and tracking outcomes of mental health treatments. He is co-author of the Health Dynamics Inventory, an outcome instrument published in 2002.


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